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Jun. 15th, 2006

made by ibelonginnarnia@lj

for GOOD!

Yes, my friends, whether for the better, I cannot say. But I have been change for good.

Whether I will make a new LJ is still up for debate. But if so... I will post it here.

I just feel the need to move on. Too much of my old life is here. I've shed the old skin and I'm letting Christ renew me. But I will not delete this journal. Im not going to hide what I was.

(songofilluvatar) Yes, my friends, the new journal is here. You don't even have to ask to be added, just add me and I'll add you back. serpentineicon will still be my graphics central. It's nothing anyone did, I'm just a little weary of mankind.

May. 27th, 2006

made by monaiyra@LJ

where ere you turn your eyes.

Follow your heart and not your head. Don't let them live through you. This is your descision, not theirs.

We have all the time in the world. Do not fear.

We might have to rush the inevitable. But I wont mind. Come what may.

May. 24th, 2006


shame on us, boohoo!

Tommorow is the last day of school. I only wish it was the last day of highschool. We have senior-iadus and we're only freshmen. GAH!

Next week will definatley be a new experience and I'm looking forward to it. No parentes and it's safe and clean. What more could a girl ask for? Plus this will put my faith back into perspective.

I feel like dancing; a long melodic, rythmic dance. Maybe Mozart will do, or Vivaldi. Mozart is rather giddy but I do l love his opera's. Funny how even when their burning in hell the music sounds jubilant.

I know, I'm hypocrite. I made a myspace. But I would like to keep in touch with friends this summer. Im not going to list it on my userinfo but I will link it here in case anyone is interested.


May. 21st, 2006

made by _incidental

dun dun dun, DUN!

Why is that so amusing to a medicated Ad/Hd child?

I'm the world's greatest proscrastinator. I have this tendency to wait to the last minute to finish things. It usually gets me into trouble.

Batman Begins was a surprisingly good movie. and what a cast! Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, and Katie Holmes! Wow, that's a interesting selection. It's the best batman movie since the first one.

May. 20th, 2006

made by monaiyra@LJ

Away from harm

...and all of it's petty grievances. Far from here, with no mortal limitations or worries. Where children never lose their innoncence and men never die in vain. But we have corrupted this gift of hummanity and now it can never be what it was intended for.

May. 19th, 2006

made by ibelonginnarnia@lj

Fear is the mind killer

Children of Dune is just one of those movies I crave to see every now and then. And boy, Im just dying to see it again. Little did I know that James McAvoy who plays Leto II also played Mr. Tumnas in The Chronicles of Narnia. Life is full of surprises.

God Emperor of Dune is one of the most compelling books in the Dune series I've read yet. I read a couple of his son's additions and I was impressed.

May. 18th, 2006

made by me

Ancestor genocide is now an option

This mingling of frustration is going to inevitably cancel out and in the end get us nowhere. Please, cut the cord people and gain some maturity. She’s a 37 year old child and he’s a 40 year old man who refuses to understand and likes to see us wallow in his own self pity. Some parental figures I have. Let’s not even start on my senile grandma, who thinks that her advice is the only advice and takes offense when we don’t heed it. She’s the epitome of egotistical matriarchs.

Apr. 15th, 2006

marilyn monroe

Kiss me again, sweet angel

Has life ever been more fulfilling before? Have I ever been more alive? If so, I do not remember it.

I want to break open the hour glass of eternity and scatter the grains of sand that tick away the next four years, dragging ever so slowly. Why must the chains of expectations hold us apart? Boundries and standards are society's most diabolical and threatening evil to lovers and time is it's consort.

4 years and all will be well: the climatic apex of this necessity and desire.

Apr. 11th, 2006

made by me

Seventh Seeker...............

Seven. The divine number of perfection. Maybe in deific sense, but not in my own mortality. Ironically, thirteen appears to be of some symbolic significance. Not that it comes into play as far as fate and destiny is concerned, but just in daily activities that I particularly enjoy.

Off to Finland, my friends(not really). Adventure awaits, even in the boring seemingly mundane fields of life.

Awaken to a new level of mathematical conciousness. That's my goal, as of now.

Apr. 9th, 2006

Also made by d0rk_icons

Incapable of doing the simplest tasks without sinking into insanity

God, this is hell. I feel as though the foundations of my existence are crumbling and I'm not even sure why. I know that if I just rise up and get to the task at hand it should be fairly easy, but my brain just isn't processing that.

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